BeRescue by BCM


is the product that helps users to inform all the interest groups of emergency systems when injured, to be able to get appropriate help faster and in time.


It detects the person’s precise location as well as the level and type of injury, which allows emergency services, family doctors, family members, FIRE RESCUE TEAMS to react promptly.

It also makes easier for emergency services to prioritize their field duties. The identified problem is that most of the accidents were reported with delays, SOMETIMES WITHOUT KNOWING EXACT LOCATIONS, which causes delays of much needed emergency and rescue services.

And after all, the slow process leads to many deaths among accidents and health COMPLICATIONS issues caused with serious injuries and health troubles.
With the beRescue It is possible to find out the exact location and condition of the users even if they are disabled to initiate sending data about their health status, SIMPLY by sending the code which activates the GPS location of device, helping to narrow the search for the life threatening conditions to the person in trouble.
Emergency personnel, or a control person send a special code in the user’s device to detect their location. At the same time, beRescue device makes sound and light signals lasting several HOURS in the field enabling to find it easily.


It can be used for making useful statistic data base that can later be analyzed and do the research to improve the health care system where needed.
The business opportunity is defined through the statistics of death coming from emergency service delays, which is the basic problem identified.
Users, their families would feel much safer with this device, providing them appropriate and in time health care when needed.
On the other hand it would improve the emergency service efficiency by prioritizing the health care cases.


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