Mobile Telescopic Antenna Mast With Dynamic Height Adjustment

On the picture below is one of our latest products – 
Mobile Telescopic Antenna Mast With Dynamic Height Adjustment WITH HYBRID POWER SUPPLY FROM RENEWABLE ENERGY integrated with base station electronics for GSM-UMTS-WIMAX telecommunications. State of the art mechatronics used with Hybrid Box technology.

This is the Mast that solves lots of Your on-site problems:

  • no ground preparation, reduced site installation area
  • no civil works permit and no civil works
  • easy to install in 2 hours, easy to relocate
  • only 2 technicians required for installation
  • withstand wind up to 180km/h, automatic height adjustment at preset wind speed
  • variable heights -15 to 30m
  • greatly reduced cost of installation and maintenance compared with classic mast
  • full automated computer controlled base station
  • no signal interruption during/after adjustment
  • no mini-link readjustment
  • ideal for GSM/UMTS/WIMAX
  • no antenna feeders clamping
  • integrated power generator with UPS
  • remote control and parameter monitoring
  • also applicable as meteorological mast

Technical details:

Max. height in operative condition30 m
Anchoring area135 m2
Operative wind velocity100 km/h
Max. wind velocity120 km/h
Max. deflection of GSM antenna+/- 2o
Max: deflection of MW antenna+/- 0,5o
Max. transportation lenght10,5 m
Max. transportation width2,5 m
Max. transportation height4,0 m
Total transportation weight9.700 kg
Anchoring on own foots by steel rope
Erection time2-3 hours
Operators required for erection2-3
Cables connection on the lowest position of the mast
Positioning of MW antenna from the ground
Climbing on the mast is not neccesery
Automatic height lowering/reduction of the GSM antennas
if wind velocity exceeds set velocity
22,5 m
Operative wind velocity for 22,5 m150 km/h
Max. Wind velocity for 22,5 m180 km/h

More advantages of Mobile Telescopic Antenna Mast:

  • easy to transport
  • air-conditioned room for equipment with generator and UPS

Download brochure (1MB).